Fritz AI for SnapML

Fritz AI + Snap Lens Studio

Fritz AI supports SnapML and Snap Lens Studio with both pre-trained templates and custom models via Fritz AI Studio.

Pre-trained SnapML Templates

Quickstart: Pre-trained SnapML Templates

If you're new to AI, pre-trained templates are the easiest and fastest way to get started. Models have already been trained and integrated into Lens Studio projects by the experts at Fritz AI. Creators are encouraged to use pre-trained templates as a starting point to experiment and learn more about how to combine AI and AR.

Custom SnapML Models

Quickstart: Train a custom SnapML model

Most creators are eventually struck with an idea that can't be implemented with a pre-trained template alone. For example, they've seen how image segmentation can be used to change the color of someone's hair, but want to create a new experience where users can change the color of their car. In these cases, creators can use Fritz AI Studio to train custom AI models without writing code.

Style Transfer Models

Quickstart: SnapML Style Transfer models

Style transfer models transform the content of one image to match the style of another. For example, making a selfie look like it was painted by van Gogh. They offer near limitless opportunities for customizatiom and, unlike other custom models, require only a single style image to train.