Model Versioning

Only available on Growth plans

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With the SDK, you can update on-device models over-the-air and without a new app store release. This allows you to iterate faster and deliver higher quality models to improve your features on the fly.

Adding a new model version

Navigate to Custom Models and select your model, in this example scenario we're using a handwriting recognition model.

Adding an updated model

After the upload completes your new model will appear in the model versions table.


Uploading a new model version does not make it active.

Releasing a new version

After you've added the new model version (above), you can set the new model to active. This will begin a release. Devices using your model will download the updated model version when they are connected to WiFi, and switch over to it. Model updates, and downloads, occur in the background and no user input is required.

Update the active version

Updating active model version

You can monitor the usage of the new model version on the Dashboard. The new model version will be an option in the top dashboard filters section. Both active and inactive versions are viewable.