About Fritz

Fritz is a free end-to-end platform that allows you to create machine-learning-powered features in your mobile apps with ease. Build unique, compelling user experiences using ML technology like image labeling, object detection, and more.

Pre-built features or custom models. Choose from ready-to-use Feature APIs with ML models baked right in, or use your own custom models and the Fritz SDK to protect them from theft, monitor performance, and manage new releases of improved models.

On-device, private, fast. Everything we provide in our SDK runs directly on-device which means it works offline, runs at high frame-rates, and keeps sensitive data in the hands of users. All features are available on both iOS and Android.

Next Steps

To use Fritz with your own model or one of our pre-built features you’ll need to add the SDK to your app. For more information, check out the guide in Getting Started.

Custom Models

Do you already have your own ML model in a mobile format? If so, you can use the SDK to handle deployment, analytics, and model management.

If you need help converting a model to a mobile format, contact us and we can help convert your model(s). You may also be able to use our online conversion tool Alchemy (Keras-only).

Custom Model Guides

Pre-built Features

If you do not have an ML model, you can explore the Features we offer. These are ready-built for mobile aplications and have simple APIs.

Feature APIs