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Fritz AI helps you teach your applications how to see, hear, feel, think, and sense. Create ML-powered features in your mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Start with our ready-to-use feature APIs or create and deploy your own custom models.

Getting Started

Pre-trained Models

Start using ML in your app in minutes

Add ML-powered features to iOS and Android apps with only a few lines of code. Our SDK comes with the following pre-trained ML models baked right in. Learn more

Create and Deploy Custom ML

Start building – without a PhD in machine learning

Our integrated platform empowers your dev team to create datasets, train models, run experiments, optimize size & performance, and prepare your machine learning models for mobile deployment. Learn more

  • Use our Model Delivery Network to deploy the right model to the right device at the right time.
  • Use the powerful CLI to train, test, and track all of your models and experiments.
  • Use Fritz AI to monitor machine learning models running on-device.
  • Protect and secure your machine learning models and your Intellectual Property.

Try the Demo App

Test drive all of our pre-trained features with Fritz AI Studio:

Build your own app quickly by starting with a fork of our open-source repositories:

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