Fritz AI helps you teach your applications how to see, hear, feel, think, and sense. Create ML-powered features in your mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Start with our ready-to-use feature APIs or connect and deploy your own custom models.

Getting Started


Pre-trained Vision APIs

We’ve done the ML work to power all the computer vision features listed here. These are ready-built for mobile aplications and have simple APIs.

Custom Models

Do you already have your own ML model? If so, you can use Fritz AI to handle deployment, analytics, and model management. Learn more about using custom models.


Simplify your mobile machine learning workflow with the CLI and Python library. Effectively train, test, and deploy your models in a mobile environment.

  • Python Library : Integrate the Python library into your training notebooks to easily test out different model versions.
  • CLI - Benchmark, convert, and train new custom models using the CLI.